Swiss insurance specialist

Swiss insurance specialist

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Swiss insurance specialist

Insurance premium - 2018!

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Basic health insurance

Health insurance

  • Mandatory insurance
  • Supplement insurance
  • Hospital charges
  • Pregnancy, maternity
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Life and risk insurances

Life cover

  • 3rd pillar Switerzland
  • Pension plan, pension fund
  • Risk insurance
  • Income protection
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Loan and finance

Credits in Switerzland

  • Personal loan
  • SME solutions
  • Leasing
  • Debt consolidation
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Car insurance

Car insurance

  • Partial coverage
  • Complete coverage
  • Cars, moto, scooter
  • Liability and travel
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  • House and appartment
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Fixed / Libor / Variable rates
  • Mortgage renewal
Specialised advice

Insurance for SMEs / independent / LLC / association

  • Vehicle insurance, fleet, commercial and light duty vehicles
  • Third-party and professional liability insurance, building insurance
  • Accident insurance, professional providence, loss of income
  • Rent guarantee, real estate guarantee
  • Legal protection, cybersecurity
  • Combined insurance All Risk
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Free advice?

Health insurance, vehicule, household, life insurance, do you need help? Benefit from a free contact with an insurance agent specialist.

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Our company is active in insurances, loans an finance. Our advisors save clients considerable time and expense with a global and effective approach. Quality of service, availability of our specialist and professionalism are our main strengths. PrestaFlex is simple the Swiss insurance specialist!

Our assets

In the insurance field, it is important for consumers to benefit from a neutral and impartial advice. At PrestaFlex, we collaborate with all major Swiss insurance companies, meaning we can efficiency can compare offers to propose our customers the best offers. Our main assets are:

  • Our independence from Swiss insurance companies.
  • A profound knowledge of the products and services offered.
  • The will to save money for our clients without sacrificing quality.
  • Advisors available throughout Switzerland, possibility to get a no-obligation appointment at your residence.

Our services

Active in Swiss insurances, loans, and financial services, we offer a complete range of product. With PrestaFlex, get an individual advice whatever you need:

  • Loans: private and SME loans, debt consolidation.
  • Insurances in Switzerland: life and non-life insurances.
  • Other financial services: mortgage, financial aid, rental deposit, ...

Tailored offers

To address as many potential cursomers as possible, we offer specialised advise to individuals, independents and SME (small and medium businesses).Our customer service staff are trained to have detailed knowledge of Swiss insurances. Feel free to contact us for a free inquiry.