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Are you an NGO worker in Switzerland? We will gladly inform you about our flexible and personalised loans also suited to your budget. Free offer, no obligation.
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NGO worker
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An NGO worker is a person who is employed in a non-governmental organization. WWF, IOC, WTO etc.. Holders of a legitimation card, these people can leave and enter in Switzerland as they want without the need of a Visa. Are you an NGO worker? Would you like to request a loan? Check our loan conditions below and in case of further questions all our team is at your disposal.

NGO worker? Check our conditions!

To get a credit an NGO worker must fulfill the same loan conditions as a Swiss citizen. Namely:

Realize your dream!

Because a loan will lead you to many months or even years of reimbursement it's important to get one that is personalised. That's why in PrestaFlex-Service for every loan request made by an NGO or others customer, we are offering the following services:

Do you wish to request a loan to change your furniture or to get a new computer? Whatever the goal that you want to reach for, getting a credit is the ideal solution. At PrestaFlex-Service you can ask for a sum of money going up to 300,000 CHF. You can also repay within 84 months. Moreover, you will benefit from an attractive and competitive interest rate.

Get a loan that is personalised!

Because a loan will lead to many years of reimbursement it's important that you get a personalised credit. Therefore, for every customer who requests a loan (NGO worker, annuitant, etc.), we will proceed to a free evaluation of their budgets. Reliable, friendly and professional, our team guarantees you the best services.

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Our team has been working in the credit field for over ten years and will thus be able to provide you with a good service. We will treat your request discreetly! Feel free to contact us via our online form, one of our brokers will then propose you a free offer without any commitments.

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Our team is always to your disposal to give you further information.

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