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B authorization: financing information
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With a B permit you have the right to live in Switzerland for 12 months as long as you have a work contract or a declaration of commitment. You also need to be a national of the European-Union. Furthermore, this permit can be valid for 5 years. If you are holding a B permit, you have the possibility to ask for a credit in the majority of the Swiss banks. The condition is that you should have been working and living in this country for more than 6 months. Would you like to know more about our loan conditions, then contact us via our online form! We gladly answer every question that you have regarding a loan application.

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Do you have a project in mind but the cash is missing? If you are a B permit holder, we gladly propose you a flexible and personalised credit. Reliable, friendly and professional, our staff will be treating with discretion every credit request that you will submit to them.

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