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Are you an L permit holder in Switzerland and want to request a loan? We can offer you a flexible and personalised credit. Free advice, no obligations.
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L authorisation: financing information
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Do you wish to realise a project? Getting a personal credit is a great way to finance any type of project that is important to you. If you want to ask for a credit as an L permit holder, you must have been living and working in Switzerland for at least 2 years. Contact us if you need more information regarding our loan conditions, we will gladly answer every question that you might have related to a consumer credit.

L authorisation: get a loan that is adapted to you!

Tell us what your dreams are and we will give you the financial means to make them come true. Our agency can offer you a loan that is flexible and has competitive interest rates. Everyone has different needs and budget, therefore it's important to get a personalised credit. That's why at PrestaFlex-Service each client benefits from a free interview with a specialist who:

A loan suitable for everyone!

Whatever you have in mind we can provide you a helping hand. Our staff has many years of experience in the credit area. Therefore, they can provide you with:

Our credits are suitable for everyone! Whether you are aretiree, an employee or a foreigner with an L permit. So feel free to request a loan in our agency.

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Are you interested to receive a free offer by one of our brokers? It's simple, you just have to fill our online form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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