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Discover our financing factoring solution to speedup and secure incoming payments. Whether you are an independent or an SME, we offer tailor-made products.
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Not always well known from swiss companies, financing factoring is a solution aiming to speed up and secure incoming payments. Designed for SMEs as well as independents, this solution contains several products that can either be chosen individually or as a pack to increase short-term liquidity.

Financing factoring: role of the factor

A factoring contract is usually made between a company (or an independent) and a factor (a financing factoring institution). Once the contract in place, the company continues to charge for its services as usual, except that:

Financing factoring is also B2B, meaning this product is mainly aimed at SMEs which customers are other companies.


Using this kind of financing solution offers mainly two advantages for the company:

A pack of products

More than a single product, financing factoring usually comes with other solutions in order to protect the company against non payment from its customers. Thus:

A tailor-made solution

Do you own a business in Switzerland? Would you like to receive immediate cash for every invoice sent to your customers? Specialized in financing factoring and other SME products, we can help you with a tailor-made solution. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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