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Protect the income or your business against default with a tailored credit insurance and discover our solutions to increase your working capital.
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A credit insurance is a specific coverage for independents and SME's selling goods or services on credit. This product offers a robust protection against customer's default of payments. Proposing this product per se as well as a factoring package, we can help you with a tailored offer.

The risk of non-payment

Every company allowing customers to pay with a delay (usually 30 or 90 days) creates a risk that the customer won't pay its invoice. This commercial risk (or del credere risk) occurs if:

If the risk occurs, the credit insurance will offer compensation to the insured company. The precice terms of this compensation will depend largely on the contrat conditions.

Complementary products

More than just a product, the credit insurance is usually part of a broad series of solution aimed at improving the overall liquidity whilst at the same time protecting the company against unpaid. Those products, usually proposed by a factor, usually include:

A premium-class package

You own an SME or you are self-employed as an independent? Unpaid invoices is an ongoing issue in your business? You would like to protect your company or improve your working capital? Arrange a non-binding personal consultation with our advisor who will help you with a tailored offer!

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