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Improve cash flow without delay with our debt sale solution for independents and SMEs. Our professional team is at your disposal for a tailored solution.
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Debt sale is a financial solution for SMEs and independents wanting to improve cash flow, either for a one-off time or on a more regular basis. This solution indeed involves selling one or more outstanding claims to a purchaser, who will become the new owner of the debt. Usually, debt sale consists of selling unpaid invoices. Specialized in SME products, we can assist you with tailored solutions to fit your needs.

How does it work?

When recevables are sold to a purchaser (usually a financing company), the purchaser becomes the new owner of the receivables. This means the new owner will be responsible for collecting the debt, and will carry all the risk of payment default. The process is completely legal, and the debtor must is to be advised in writing.

The benefits

More than a protection against delinquent debts, debt sale allow to generate cash without delay for your business by gaining value for underperforming debt. Moreover:

Our services

Our highly professional and well trained team is at your disposal for a tailored solution. You own a business or are an independent? Are you looking to trade debts for immediate cash? Debt sale, factoring, loans, leasing, our specialists will be happy to advise you on which process is most suitable. Get a non-binding contact right now!

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