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Our invoice finance will allow your business to receive an advance of 90% of any sent invoice within 24h-48h. Discover our tailored-made factoring solutions.
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Do you own a company in Switzerland, or you are an independent? Are you experiencing problems with customers paying their invoices late? Invoice finance is a factoring solution that would allow you to receive immediate liquidity for every sent invoice! Discover our suggestions and products to improve your working capital!

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance is a factoring solution which purpose is to speed-up the income of your company by introducing a new actor between you and your customer: a factor. The purpose of a factor is to advance funds for every B2B invoice issued. More specifically:

Immediate liquidity

Invoice financing is an efficient solution to improve your working capital. Indeed, you will receive money for every invoice sent, thus money who was "sleeping" (waiting to be paid) can be accessed immediately. Invoice finance is a product suitable for every business whose clients are other companies:

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Working for many years with SME and independents, we can offer tailored-made solutions. Would you like to improve your budget with invoice finance, are you looking for other solutions to protect your business? Factoring, outsourcing, credit-insurance, we can provide solutions adapted to your company. Ask now for a non-binding contact with our specialist!

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