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Are you an independent or an SME? Reverse factoring will help you to improve relationships with trade partners as well as to negotiate lower prices.
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Reverse factoring is a specific solution for SMEs and independents that depend on many suppliers. This method is initiated by the supplier and enables to finance customer invoices, reverse factoring is a solution which provides funding for supplier invoices that is started by the buyer. Discover our tailored solutions to secure your business!

Trade payable finance

A usual reverse factoring solution consists of a contract made with a factor. The latter constitutes a new player between the company and its trade partner. The company keeps buying goods or services from its suppliers as usual, but:

The benefits

This product, often unknown by SMEs, offers several benefits. It is also particularly interesting to businesses that depend on many suppliers. Indeed, this solution provides:

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At PrestaFlex, we are well aware that it can be difficult to find the right offer for your needs. If you are looking for a financial solution for your business, we can provide you with a tailored offer. Reverse and conventional factoring, credit-insurance, debt collection, we offer our expertise in a great range of services. Whether you are an SME or an independent, benefit from a specialized counseling.

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